Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January - sick and tired, you've been hanging on me...

January -

This month I have been mostly:

- Spending 10 minutes a day improving my Spanish - muy bien.
- Practicing the art of thriftiness and saving money.
- Borrowing piles of books from the library.
- Joining another choir.  I am now a confused 'two choir 2nd Alto' with lots of musical scores and home practice to do.  No pressure.
- Driving at 10 miles an hour in fog by following the hedges.
- Enjoying power naps in my granny chair.
- Mending the loo seat.  That's how exciting this month has been!  
- Sampling ales at the 'Winterfest' in the Royal British Legion Club in Salisbury.
- Binge watching our 'Mr Selfridge' box set.
- Eating bacon sarnies in bed and meringue, raspberries and ice cream in the bath.  One has to find some pleasure in this dreary month!
- Rediscovering a lovely cafe called 'Greengages' in Salisbury.  Pic below.  Delicious millionaire shortbread.  

Image result for greengages salisbury


It is true - nice food, home brew and 'Mr Selfridge' have helped me get through January.

I begged Sarah to make one last batch of mincey pies with almond pastry

I have taken advantage of any sunny lunch break to stretch my legs over Old Sarum airfield.

But what about cardigans?

Eddie has hogged the fire

We had a nice, but very cold, charity shopping trip in Shaftesbury with our friend Basil.

Nice hat Basil

Sophie has watched the rain

and practiced her sultry look

We have been on a few cold, crisp walks around the village


We have been continuing to try and train Eddie NOT to run off and stick his head in the pheasant food.  It has been largely unsuccessful.

Eddie disappearing in to the mist


Viburnum in our front garden

It is nice to show the new dogs all the old favourite walks that Big Dog loved so much.  They like the woods too.

Doing some training dear?

Hare Warren

Really struggling with the dark, cold, wet, fog and gloominess.  I just want to zoom down to Bournemouth Airport and board the next flight to the Canaries and not come back!  But February tomorrow -

I can look forward to tossing pancakes, spotting snowdrops and planning for the spring. :-)

"Every year, in the third week of February, there is a day, or more usually a run of days, when one can say for sure that the light is back.  Some juncture has been reached and the light spills into the world from a sun suddenly higher in the sky...."

- Kathleen Jamie

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