Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day trip up the Big Smoke

Had a very hot day last week visiting middle chick in her home town.  I think I got so hot and sweaty that some moisture got in to my phone as all my pics are now milky and blurry!  Still, you can get the gist.....

We strolled through the crowds in Camden.  It's so mad, I love it.

Camden Town

Camden Lock

We then walked to Primrose Hill for a picnic -

An area to the north of Regent's Park, this was once part of a chase belonging to Henry the VIII.  It is now one of the most fashionable and affluent areas in London.  Sylvia Plath lived nearby in the 1960's.  

I can see why this is one of Maisie's favourite spots in London

You get a fantastic view of central London from 256 feet up

Then we tried to hug the shade in Regent's Park - a Royal Park of 410 acres

Regent's Park

It was 30 degrees in the shade!

We are here......

We were going to go on the pedalos in Regent's Park but it was too hot so we thought we'd sit in a hot cable car instead!  

The Emirates Air Line opened in 2012 and stretches across the Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula to The Royal Victoria Dock.  It was the first urban cable car in Britain.  It travels at a height of 300 ft and you can pay with your Oyster card!

The O2 Arena

I'm so hot!

We enjoyed a meal (with Pimms) near the O2 as the sun went down

We then caught one of the Thames Clippers to Embankment.  I didn't realise how fast it was going to go!  Also, they weren't fussy about mooring up at each stop.  We had a lot of banging against the side, frantic engine reversing and squeals from the passengers.

Maisie got the bum seat and got covered in spray!

Tower Bridge

The funny top heavy building - 20 Fenchurch Street

HMS Belfast

The Shard on the right

We had to run from Embankment to Waterloo to catch our train.  Well I ran, Sarah strolled calmly behind me.  She said I run funny and we still had to wait a few minutes once sat on the train.  Bit embarrassing - me all puce and panting.  London is exhausting.....

Monday, August 17, 2015

Horsey, horsey....

Yesterday, I thought I'd entered a time warp and was living in a Jane Austen novel.  We saw fifteen horse drawn carriages out on a drive.  What a sumptuous sight it was!  I'm just so glad that we were in to see it.  The last one here was four years ago and about two months before we had actually moved to the village.  They do a circuit of the nearby villages, taking a few hours.  We didn't get much done, running backwards and forwards to see them!

The members of the Road Club started just down the road at the farm so we broke off from gardening and went down to have a nose. I felt so under dressed wearing denim shorts, with no makeup, 'hat hair' and muddy knees! 

The chap on the first coach tooted on his long, thin horn as they set off.  Our neighbour, Welsh Bill, also tooted - on the spout of his plastic watering can.  He's a card.....

Sarah ooh'd and ah'd over the lovely horses whilst I admired the smart tweed jackets, top hats and gleaming coaches.  I'd swap one of these Hackney carriages for my Daewoo anyday!  Oh, to live in a more elegant, simple world.  Sigh.....

Nice hat

Passing the end of our road

Carriage and four

Through the field behind our garden - quite an eerie sight