Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March - emerging from hibernation....

Well, March certainly went out with a howl and a roar.  Storm Katie battered our bungalow all through the night on Easter Sunday.  I didn't sleep a wink, just lay there listening to the tiles rattling and the huge gusts bang against the window.  We must have had a power cut at one point because the answer phone suddenly started talking in the middle of the night!  Amazingly, in the morning I found nothing more than a couple of wheelie bins over, a twisted piece of guttering and a compost bin, minus lid.  Two houses, a few miles away in the next valley, lost their roofs!

Now spring has sprung I am bushy tailed and over excited at the thought of more daylight, longer walks and not having to dress up like Nanook of the North.  Freedom!  I want to frolic in the tulips!

Last month I was mostly:

- Celebrating half centuries with my fellow bungalow girl and parents.
- Celebrating 15 years with 'her indoors'.
- Singing Brahms' Requiem - for real and in my head.
- Star gazing and looking at Jupiter through a wonky telescope, held together with tape.
- Having my first lunch on the patio.  Yahooo!
- Watching lots of plays.
- Enjoying the new home-brew (Raj's IPA - delicious).
- Doing yoga every morning for Lent.  Managed 36 out of 40 days but still going!
- Playing with a hostess trolley. 

We've finally got round to putting my printer's tray on the wall - very happy

50th Birthday girl enjoying her sparklers - she doesn't get out much

50 year wedding anniversary for 'the olds'

I feel like running amok after the winter.  I want to clean (really?), open the windows wide, walk, and run and waft in linen.  

More time to do jobs after work and still enjoy a nice sunset

Or sunrise

We've been talking to the animals

Admiring fungi - Dew's Ear or Auricularia-Judae if you're posh

and frilly stuff

You dirty rat.....

Big Dog on a nature walk

This walk was a bit foggy


I do love a good post

and a bit of lichen

and string, of course

Very quiet and eerie.....

Lovely shapes

I'm glad that we have a tiny bit of colour to look at.

Big Dog enjoying the sun on her fur

Frank enjoying the fresh air in his whiskers

Poor Big Dog is really slowing up now.  Although throwing sticks makes her forget her age!

Big Dog on a relaxing post dinner walk

We walked 'the circuit' one weekend with her and she didn't move from her bed for hours afterwards.

Big Dog on the circuit

One of our friends in the village invited us in for a tour of her fantastic garden, complete with two lakes.  


She has two Newfoundland dogs that make Big Dog seem more of a small dog!

Well, I've eaten the Easter egg in the office, just got one left at home - then it's onward and upwards to lighter meals, longer walks and not fighting with a knotted pile of thick, woolly tights every morning.  :-)

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