Monday, August 17, 2015

Horsey, horsey....

Yesterday, I thought I'd entered a time warp and was living in a Jane Austen novel.  We saw fifteen horse drawn carriages out on a drive.  What a sumptuous sight it was!  I'm just so glad that we were in to see it.  The last one here was four years ago and about two months before we had actually moved to the village.  They do a circuit of the nearby villages, taking a few hours.  We didn't get much done, running backwards and forwards to see them!

The members of the Road Club started just down the road at the farm so we broke off from gardening and went down to have a nose. I felt so under dressed wearing denim shorts, with no makeup, 'hat hair' and muddy knees! 

The chap on the first coach tooted on his long, thin horn as they set off.  Our neighbour, Welsh Bill, also tooted - on the spout of his plastic watering can.  He's a card.....

Sarah ooh'd and ah'd over the lovely horses whilst I admired the smart tweed jackets, top hats and gleaming coaches.  I'd swap one of these Hackney carriages for my Daewoo anyday!  Oh, to live in a more elegant, simple world.  Sigh.....

Nice hat

Passing the end of our road

Carriage and four

Through the field behind our garden - quite an eerie sight


  1. Wow, what a fantastic sight, especially the photo of the one in the field behind your house!! Something like that should have been filmed and shown on the tele!

    1. I know! It was amazing, am definitely entering a tweed phase now..... :-)