Monday, July 14, 2014

June - Festival fun and the art of layering

June was a bit mad.  We were out 11 nights during the Salisbury Arts Festival fortnight!  We saw:-

1 x photo exhibition
2 x choral concerts
5 x films
1 x folk group
1 x jazz group 
1 x play

The weird and the wonderful

I particularly liked the play/dance performed in a lift in the Cathedral Close but unfortunately I couldn't get close enough to take a photo.

I'm not entirely sure what this is!

You could actually squeeze in to this lighthouse and watch a film on a tiny screen.  I was too embarrassed.

I didn't know whether the elderly gentleman was a member of the audience or part of the act?!

We also enjoyed a 7 mile guided walk along the Chalke valley, exploring the various churches along the way. I hadn't realised how many famous people are buried in this area.  Cecil Beaton is buried in Broadchalke.

Anthony Eden is buried in Alvediston

We had time for a quick pint at one of my favourite pubs - The Horseshoe, Ebbesbourne Wake

I wish I hadn't worn my wellies - it was so hot!

It was a relief to cool down in the churches

William Golding is buried in Bowerchalke

Time for a dip

The watercress beds

I liked the look of this garden

One night during the Festival we attended a film 'noir-athon' - 3 films back to back, the last one finishing at 12.30pm!  I only saw the last two.  The final film was called 'Insomnia' and I fell asleep!  This was not helped by the fact that we had been in London during the day singing in a lunchtime concert in St Martin in the Fields.  Talk about burning the candle at both ends......  It was worth it to sing Zadok the Priest and hear the organ - phwor.

We walked from Waterloo to Trafalgar square - too hot to use the tube

We had lunch in the crypt of St Martin in the Fields

We had strange weather in June, one day 12 degrees and hailing, two days later - 23 degrees.  No wonder we need to wear so many layers in this country.  Oh, to be able to predict the weather for more than 2 days in a row!

Alium by the patio

Frank has brought us many presents.  We've had shrews, mice, a headless bird in a walking boot, a big brown furry rat squished in between Sarah's sandals and a starling under the sofa.

Butter wouldn't melt.......

Poppies in the garden

Peony in the front garden


I managed to overwinter my geraniums successfully

Cucumbers growing in the greenhouse

One weekend, we visited the Bishop's Garden Party in the Close.  I found loads of books for a bargain!

You could have a ride in a Bentley

or pet a camel!

I have loved being outside more, getting grubby and eating 'al fresco'.  That is when I'm not throwing Frank's presents in to the field behind with the dustpan and brush (now known as the 'shrew flicker').  

Long may the summer continue

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