Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I got a brand new combine harvester....

It's the busiest time of year for farmers....

I can't believe the summer we've had.  Still 25 degrees! 

Every day there is the constant drone of combine harvesters.  They are often still out there in the dark. The hedgerows are festooned with straw and I often take my life in my hands when I go for a walk, diving in to the bushes as a tractor comes hurtling past, leaving me engulfed in a cloud of dust. I do think this is the most beautiful time of year.  I couldn't live somewhere that didn't have seasons.  The only down side in late summer/early autumn is the Daddy Long Legs and spiders!  I have to check the shower curtain every morning for leggy imposters.  

We've had some fantastic skies 

I always get that twitchy new term feeling at the beginning of September that makes me want to enrol for (another) Open University course.  Strange, as I didn't enjoy school but I love studying now.  Ooh, the smell of a text book makes me go all goose bumpy and stationery?  Well, I could stand looking at pencil cases in WH Smiths all day.......

Ez making jam tarts, back to school tomorrow 

My geraniums look lovely - I wish I had somewhere to keep them over winter so that I didn't lose them.

I can sit in bed and watch the woodpecker sharpening his beak on the telegraph pole

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Our friend Emma had a birthday picnic on about the only cold rainy day this summer! We even had to get the smelly dog blanket out of the car but we stuck it out, like all mad British people, until we had to retreat back in doors.

Emma's parent's garden is beautiful and a peaceful haven to wander in

I've seen so many good skies these past few weeks.  It's a good time of year to look at the stars too 

Bungalow bake off:

This cake was amazing (once you get your head around the fact that it is savoury and full of garlic - yum).

My cake with courgette, feta and mint - v moist

Sarah's wholemeal bread with Beryl's home-made raspberry jam - too good

The girls brought us back a tiny jug from Italy for the dresser.

The little addition to my jug collection

Big Dog on a mini adventure - we found out later what she had been rolling in - poo!

The whole house smells of vinegar as I can't stop making chutney.  I admit it, I have a pickling problem.  I've run out of jars now - hint to my supplier....!

Spiced carrot and garlic chutney 

Beautiful sunrises too, on my 6.30am morning dog walk

Talking of dogs - meet Twiggy, my friend Hayley's faithful friend

What a handsome girl

Too bright man....

Hayley's chilli plants

Feeding time for her pigs

This is a picture of my kitchen (oh, alright - I lie.......)

Not sure about her green, warty gourd though!

The fields around the bungalow are full of birds which Big Dog likes to flush out 

Fields of corn for the pheasants and partridge

I must stop taking so many pictures of sunsets

Another chutney with courgette, chilli, ginger, garlic, spices - can I wait a month to eat it though?

Courgette chutney

Sarah tried making Focaccia - it was so light

Big Dog looking for something to chase

Carrots don't like our stony soil so we grow them in pots

Well, the sun seems set to continue so no getting my woolies out yet (sigh).  But I yearn for tweed, wool, socks, boots and hats, I really do.  I'll just have to wait.  I don't do summer very well, what with heat rash, constantly applying sun cream, drinking water, searching for shade etc etc.  My thing is roaring fires, fur lined boots, crunchy leaves, hot soup.....  I may not be saying this when we are in the middle of February!

ANOTHER, (there's more?) reason I adore the autumn is that it's the best season for the theatre and arts centre.  We have booked lots of plays, films, concerts etc. I am very excited.

This is one of the reasons that I am taking a bloggers holiday for a while.  Too busy! 

blanching Beryl's apples
decorating a teenager's bedroom
organising a skip
sorting and moving logs
making chutney
freezing runner beans
stewing tomatoes
new yoga term
new writing class (where's that pencil case....)
kids birthdays
Christmas (just don't)

I feel like someone's standing on my chest - agh!

I may be some time.........


  1. Please don't be too long, love looking at your wonderful pictures, and keeping up to date on all of your cooking adventures, your just have to come in a couple of nights a week so we can catch up, enjoy your blog holiday, and if you need any home decorating help Lisa is an expert. See you soon, Linda xxxx

  2. Thanks Linda but I think Lisa may be better at making meatballs?! See you soon.

    Lots love Bungalow Sue