Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

There's nothing like sea air to cleanse the soul (and give you bad hair).

I can't believe we had such good weather on a Bank Holiday weekend!


Sarah's Dad is a fellow coast lover so we thought we would take a stroll along the sea front at Alum Chine.  Ken is a good advert for keeping active and interested in life at 91 years old!

I don't remember seeing this old sign made out of tiles before.  I got chatting with an elderly lady sitting next to it.  She said her family had 'parked' her and that she just had to be patient.  The family did turn up eventually.

You don't have to walk far to get away from the crowds

Although we enjoyed people watching too.  We saw brown wrinkly bodies lying on deckchairs, angled towards the sun, a West Highland Terrier having a ride on the front of a bike and people roller skating, sailing and flying kites.  A boy was digging a hole that was deeper than he was - you could just see the top of his head and the odd flick of sand fly over the top!  One tanned woman looked very glamorous in a white halter neck dress, walking her tiny Chihuahua on a long thin lead....

I thought how nothing changes, only the clothing (or lack of it!).  People still parade up and down the promenade as they did in Victorian times.   I'd rather wear crinolines and carry a parasol myself.  Where's the romance in a pair of flip flops?

Perfect weather for kite flying

I had to keep running to catch up with Sarah and Ken as I get distracted by bright colours.  

Yellow Gorse


First cooked breakfast of the year on the patio

Followed by a three and a half mile walk to work it off.  My map reading skills were questioned as usual but I found the way back home eventually.

Bungalow bake off:

Fougasse bread v ginger biccies

Sarah made Fougasse which is a French bread made with black olives.  It's best eaten warm out of the oven which we did with cheese, hummus etc.  Best bread yet I have to say (even though they look a bit alien like).  I made ginger biscuits with stem ginger.  My guinea pig colleagues liked them.  


We like to frequent our local hostelry after Yoga.  I know it's a bad thing to do but it's the only thing that gets us through the hour of torture - the thought of a ten minute nap (oops, I mean relaxation) followed by a pint and a baguette!

Well, you know you are a local and have been welcomed in to the village when you arrive to find your glasses have acquired cosy little beer warmer jackets made out of felt.


Tense ten minutes in the dentist chair (nothing needed doing) aaaaand reeeeelaaaaax......  Phew.  Followed by the reward of stationery buying in WH Smiths.   

Bungalow bake off (again!):

Fiery Loaf v peanut cookies

The Filone All'Arrabbiata or 'Fiery Loaf' recipe from Tuscany has chilli flakes in it and was nice with soup for lunch.  The peanut cookies are an old family favourite and a Blue Peter recipe from over thirty years ago!  That makes me feel so old.....

The girls love 'em


Even though it has rained on and off all day, the washing is back indoors, the wood-burner is roaring and I have my vest back on, we have had some sun today.

The wellies go on and off, on and off.  In, out, in, out.  So much to do, so little time!

So many tomato plants!  Runner beans popping up

'Er indoors' loves being in the greenhouse when it's pouring outside.  We could see her from the house earlier, doing invisible conducting to Classic FM on the radio.  Strange woman.

We made this bed yesterday with a few more plants and more anti-duck picket fencing.  These free range ducks are costing us a fortune and I think I now have a picket fence addiction.


Oooh, sun's out.  Better go and walk Big Dog.

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