Friday, April 26, 2013

The simple pleasures

Well....... I nearly took off my vest this week.  Steady!

The weather last weekend was sumptuous.  I got rather over excited, dug lots of well rotted horse poo in to the veggie patch, dragged my deckchair out of the garage, washed my woollies and scarves and got them all flapping on the line......  Bliss.  That's Ed the horse by the way.

Flowers are shooting up all over the place now the weather is warming up.

How does Big Dog get in to every picture?

I love the heady waft from these Hyacinths as I trudge up the path after a hard day at work (debatable).

Everything seems to be purple at the moment.  These delicate Fritillaries were hiding under the soil when we moved in.

After such a lovely weekend, Monday felt a bit flat.  The writing group I should have been going to was cancelled due to a lack of numbers.  Panic ensued!  Without someone with a gun to my head I'm a seething mass of procrastination and non existent will power.  Undeterred I decided to make Monday my night to scribble in as many notebooks as I can (and not on the lines - gasp!).  That is, if I can stop hoovering, tidying the coffee table and wiping work surfaces first! 

On the go at the moment -

Extremely short children's story about Donald (he's the handsome fellow in the middle of the picture).

Sarah has also given me the challenge of writing about a subject every day for seven days.  This morning as she left for work she shouted 'Wood Pigeon!' at me.  Ok.....  Ummm......  'Hoo hooooooo hoo' is all that springs to mind at the moment!

I would also like to improve at bird identification.  All week I've been chasing lots of very small, very fast green/yellow birds up and down the farm tracks and in and out of hedges but they won't keep still!  I think they are probably Yellowhammers.

I'm having to be firm with Sarah (Dr Doolittle).  We nearly went home with a limping Pheasant this week.  She picked it up when we were out on a dog walk and held it up to my face but I'm hard (and I've already agreed to home an injured Hedgehog for heaven's sake!).

I asked Esme (she likes sewing, strange child) if she could make me something for my study in her felt making class and she presented me with it this week - it looks fab!

I've bought more herbs for my herb garden (with anti-duck fencing).

Here are my woolly scarves ready to go away and summer ones ready to go on (dribble, dribble....all those delicious colours).  Who cares about 'old lady neck'? I don't!

This week I have been studying ruins, deserted buildings, wrecks etc (not including my car).

This mill up the lane from our bungalow lies abandoned and I am just itching to have a peek inside.  Old childhood passions don't go away.  I spent many a happy hour as a child investigating disused factories, cold churches and dark, smelly World War 2 pillboxes.....

The countryside seems to have turned from tired beige (and oh, how I hate beige!) to a glossy fresh green overnight.

Big Dog and I went for our 2 hour Friday morning walk as usual this morning.  I have to limit myself to a couple of hours or I just keep going!  

Anyway, this walk takes you through the (very busy) farm next door, past some old derelict buildings (below), up a steep(ish) hill, through some trees, dip down in to a valley with some attractive barns at the bottom, along a concrete path (it rained last night so thought this walk would suit), passing lots of lambs, the foot path then goes through somebody's garden (always feels slightly embarrassing!), back on to the lane, up a hill through a field and back down to the derelict buildings and home.

Deserted farm buildings, be still my heart......

We found all sorts............

Bit spooky in here.....

It feels like you are miles from anywhere.  Hellooo?

About half way around the walk I sat on a wooden bench and got my little notebook, pencil and chewy bar (blueberry flavour) out of my bag.  Unfortunately there being a river behind me, I could feel Big Dog's eyes boring in to the back of my head, willing me to throw a stick. 

She got very silly after her swim and ran like a race horse backwards and forwards through the fields.

Nearly home and we've gone full circle.

Time for coffee just as the heavens open!  How lucky was that?

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